WERBELLIN & Sam Radesky

2015: Renee Pate, AA training with Cindi Rose Wylie , to earn her medals.
2014: Divinity Dressage: Young Rider, Sam Radesky:  training/competing with Cindi Rose Wylie 2nd/3rd to earn Bronze Medal.
2013: Greengate Farm: Young Rider, Sam Radesky, Dressage under Lisa Lewis Greene & Suzanne Markham, schoolmaster
2012: Greengate Farm: Young Rider, Michaela Dupuis, hunters under Frank Bassett, Dressage under Suzzane Markham, Divinity Dressage. Equine Affaire: November 2012, under Todd Minikus & Geoff Teal
2011: recovery/reconditioning, Joe Forest,Hortons Farm
2009: Faye Meredith Dunn: USDF SILVER MEDAL, and Intermediare 1, accomplished
2008: Jocelyn Weiss, Young Rider, training Intermediare at Hilltop Farm
2007: retired from Open FEI competition.
2007 Dressage at Heavenly Waters,
- I1, 75.00%, 1st ,- I1, 72.00%, 1st, working all Grand Prix Movements.
FEI Division Champion
2006: Christopher Hickey at Hilltop Farm
* National FEI Short Tour: PSG/I-1, Gladstone Final Qualifiers List, 4th in the Nation, 68.84%
*King Oak Dressage Days, I1, 70.375%, 1st
* USDF Region 8 Dressage Championship, 1st, Intermediare I, 68.375%
* Region 8
- Champion Intermediare I, Intermediare Freestyle, consistently scoring 70%+ all season
2005 Intermediare I, FEI Level: Dressage at Devon,
-I1, 69.750%, 2nd o/o 27
Winter 14/05: Studied in Germany under Ulla Saltzgeber, showed with results
2002-2004 3rd level thru Prix St.Georges under Christopher Hickey: Scores to: 3rd Level, 71.36%; 4th Level, 69.419%; PSG, 68.875%.
2003: USDF DSHB: NEDA 1st, Mature Stallions, Champion Stallion, Champion Mature HRS, scores to 78%
USDF-DSHB Finals: Reserve Champion Stallion
2001: BFK Sporthorse, Stallions at Stud, 1st, Han IBC 3rd
NEDA: Stallions at Stud, 3rd
1998-2000Germany: Young Jumpers Representing Hanoverian State Stud, competed thru L level, winning 19 classes
1997-98German State Stud Stallion: TESTING: 122.95/4th o/o 41, Class I Stallion
Dressage: 126.21/5th, Jumping: 119.49/9th
1996: Germany Selected for Stallion Licensing