Greengate Farm is an effort of Family & Friends

04ggffamilymy.jpgAt Greengate Farm we strive to offer the youngsters the best supportive environment possible for growing. Daily care is in the hands of responsible adults and the mares/foals and youngsters are given a clean stable environment with ample turnout in green fields. Correct nutrition to provide the base for good muscle, bone, and energy is a top consideration. Forage is analyzed and rations balanced for the growing warmblood. Mares are fed optimum rations with balancers scientifically formulated to prevent issues that start with the unborn foal. The worming program includes Strongid 2X daily wormer, and paste worming, Farrier work is on a regular schedule . In short, a host of professionals, Family, & friends strive to produce QUALITY…..NOT QUANTITY….at Greengate Farm. We offer a small number of boarding situations for owners who are as concerned with the rearing & development of their youngsters as we are, in every way.

Feeding Program

poulingrain.jpgThe feeding program utilizes a special rations formulated
originatlly by Kentucky Equine Research for Poulin Grain. MVP(minerals/vitamins/protein) supplement is used to balance the diet and pass vital nutrients to the fetus through the mare, enabling optimum levels of nutrients in the fetus liver that allow healthy development of tissues and bones. Optimum nutrition in the mare is proven to decrease the incidence/expression of OCD in youngstock. Younstock is also fed a balanced foal feed with MVP supplementation. All horses enjoy routine and extensive turnout on well managed green grass fields. See for Kentucky equine research documentation.


Riding and training for in-hand is accommodated in a 100 X 200 fully-fenced sand/clay outdoor ring. There is a full track for riding, driving and warm-up around this ring. In addition the facility sits within a system of gravel roads, wooded trails, and crop fields with driving roads throughout. There is ample opportunity to enjoy this quiet and peaceful country experience.

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