SPS Walkuere, Champion Filly producer, same motherline as Rotspon , thru Pibella.

NEWS FLASH!!!!! WALKEURES first filly, SHAKIRA has just won her 1-A prize in Germany and was Champion Mare at the Bruchausen Vilsen show. Dr.Burchard Bade made wonderful comments about her frame, type, elegance with powerful uphil movment from behind, with tact, and rhthym. 2007, 1-a PRIZE WIN AGAIN, AND AWARDED STATES PREMIUM TITLE.

Black German Hanoverian Mare with Breeders Dream Pedigree, Wolkenstein II/Cavalier/Pik Bube
She is a BEAUTY,…..scored 9 on her head, 8 on neck, overall 8 on approval…….DRESSAGE Producer Wolkenstein 11 is here sire with a Cavlier Dam sire and Pik Bube coming from behind!!!!! DRESSAGE< DRESSAGE< DRESSAGE!!!! Same mother line as Rotspon. Wolkenstein II is Walkeure Sire, His sire is Weltmeyer.....ANKA is the Dam of Weltmeyer.

2004: SASCHA ggf, AKA SHAKIRA shm February. SASHCA is a lovely Black Bay filly by Sandro Hit. Very typey and femine, lofty gaits with a head and neck to die for, and temperament plus.
Sold to URS Schweizer, Switzerland, for his broodmare band.
2006 German Champion Mare, Bruchausen Vilsen.

2005:SERENADE ggf, SIR DONNERHALL filly:#1USDF, filly, 80.2% Median, Beautiful Modern type.Tall,Elegant,Elastic gaits full of suspension and lift. Travels in a powerful uphill frame. Hanoverian Verband Registered and Branded!

2006:SYMPHONEE ggf,6/21, by SAMARANT(Sandro Hit/Bolero), Hanoverian Registered and Branded,beautiful tall bay filly,lovely disposition, super gaits.

2007: DeSONATA, by DeLaurentis: Congratulations to George Atamian, for the purchase of this wonderful filly as an Elite Prospect for you Hanoverian Mare base


SPS Walkuere: Black : 314628596

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  • Wolkenstein II (Hann)
  • Cleopatra (Hann)