SPS Weser Melodie: Top German Motherline from Hof Bruening


*Weser Melodie is a Black, 7th generation, States Premium daughter of Wesley and Defilee. She is the full sister to German Federal Champion/Gold Medal WISCONSIN.
* WESER MELODIE and WISCONSIN were both bred and raised by the well respected HOF-BRUENING family of Ochtmannien. 800 cumulative family years of breeding and raising come behind this mares pedigree.

SPS WISCONSIN: 1998, German Federal Champion
As a 4 year old, WISCONSIN won the her division at the Bundesstutenschau in Warendorf. As a 3 year old, she went on to place undersaddle at the same show. In 1996, 1997, & 1998 she garnered the honor of being named “BEST MARE OF SHOW” at the big Bruchausen-Vilsen Mare Show. Hof Bruening bred her to Desert Moon and then sold her to German Businessman, retaining the rights to take a filly back. DESTINY, when born, returned to Hof Bruening and started the 8th generation of States Premium Mares in this Dam Line. The Daughters of SPS WESER MELODIE, SPS RENDEZVOUS & EM RHAPSODY, both by Rascalino, would continue that tradition.
SPS WESER MELODY is the Black full sister to German Gold Medal Federal Champion, Wisconsin. The winner of 3,1-a prizes in 97,98,&99, and is the 5th STATES PREMIUM MARE in the Motherline.
She is by Wesely, who is by Weltmeyer, out of a States Premium A-Line Dam. Her dam is SPS DEFILEE (Duerkheim/Wittelsbach) who was an overall 8 at her mare inspection and named “Best Mare of Show” at the 1986 Bruchausen-Vilsen Mare Show. SPS Defilee, SPS Dublette (full sister) and their Dam, SPS Winniwuk, were the Gold Medalion winners at the 1985 RATJE NEIBUHR-SCHAU. They were also named “BEST MARE FAMILY” three years in a row at their regional German Hanoverian Show.

SPS Winniwuk, by Wittlesbach, won the 1C prize at the 1980 DLG show in Hannover and her sister by Wendekreis won the 1B prize at the 1982 DLG show in Muenchen.



2004: filly by Sandro Hit
2005: SCIROCCO ggf, black colt by Sandro Hit
2006: RHAPSODY, by RASCALINO 4/15/06, tall black filly with excellent movement, 1-A prize, SPA Mare Title, 2010 STERNLICHT ggf born, Stallion Candidate, 2011: EM Mare Title. STERNLICHT ggf Licensed Hanoverian USA.
2007: RENDEZVOUS, BY RASCALINO 4/28/07, Tall Black filly,4/socks/blaze, 2011: 1-A Prize, SPA Mare Title: HOYA, 2012 State Premium Mare with birth of Don Frederico Filly, 2014 black colt, Don Davidos ggf, Champion Dressage Foal HOYA PVZ Foal Show, Germany.
2008: HOHENTANZ ggf: by: HOHENSTEIN, Tall Black Colt, 1 sock/star, USA Dressage Sports Horse
2010: SOLD TO: Blaisdell Corner Farm, Michael Yates.
2012: LEGGERO BCF: Colt by Lassico


SPS Weser Melodie

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