OUR PARTNERS IN GERMANY: Hof Bruening & Fohlenhof Bruening: Leading you in a positive learning & buying experience in Germany. Give us a call or email, to discuss your dreams.
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SELECT BREEDERS SERVICE: our International Experts, Frozen Semen


Greengate Farm has worked with Select Breeders Service for many years. Select has collected our stallions; Werbellin, Donarweiss ggf, and Cadbury ggf……at Hilltop Farm for fresh semen customers and collected/tested/processed our Frozen Semen. All Frozen Semen is currently stored and shipped via Select Breeders Service in Chester, Maryland.

American Hanoverian Society

thumbs_americanhanoverian.jpgAmerican Hanoverian Society In 1978 The American Hanoverian Society was incorporated to support the growth and development of the Hanoverian Breed in North America. In addition to Hanoverian registration, mare & stallion approval; the Breeders Society of AHS offers numerous programs for breeding, training, and competiton awards. Connections to the mother society of the German Hanoverian Verband see the program complete.

Forthaus Heiligenberg

ForsthausEntrance.jpgforsthaus.jpgForsthaus Heiligenberg In the pleasant eco-preserve of Heilingenberg, surrounded by a ring wall of history and charm, stands FORSTHAUS. This guest house and restaurant extrordinaire is a combination of old world traditional buildings, manner, and service. The Bruening family offers it’s hand as hosts to North Atlantic Hanoverian Breeder’s club and guests from around the world. When we visit our horses for business, pleasure or education, the accomodations of Forsthaus make our stay one of pleasure.

Horse Gate

thumbs_berndeylers.jpgHorse Gate
Master Photographer BERND EYLERS has given a tremendous gift to warmblood breeder’s and owners in his photography and sculpture collection of our beloved horses. Bernd and his staff take this work steps further with information and education via his DVD’s, books, and Horse-Gate website. Thank you Bernd!!!