Wild Wromance USDF Champ


WILD WROMANCE  dbf:   by WERBELLIN 0/0 Annika .   Champion Colt,  USDF Finals   NEDA Fall Festival,  Saugerties,  NY.

The  Fabulous Chestnut Colt wowed the judges  Krysti Wysoki   and Carter Bass to bring home the top title at the USDF Finals competiton at the huge NEDA Fall Festival Show.   His 9 walk and trot show reach out of the shoulder and lift up off the ground…….left him the clear winner of his Championship class.  Bred by owner  Pat Shields of Drybrook Farm who traveled from Harwinton, CT. To show at the Finals.   CONGRATULATIONS>


SHALIMAR ggf: 2014 Mare Peformance Test Champion, Hilltop Farm


SHALIMAR Hanoverian Mare Performance Test

SHALIMAR ggf: Greengate Farm 5 year old mare by Schroeder, was the Overall Champion of the Mare Peformance Test at Hilltop Farm . July 20, 2014. in 2013, Shalimar was the AHS year end, Reserve Champion mare for Year end. She has a successful In Hand show career and is continuing undersaddle this year with Samantha. Pregnant to Ziggi for a 2015 foal, we cannot wait to see what the spring will bring!!!


August 15, 2013: STERNLICHT ggf: Licensed ISR/Oldenburg NA

STERNLICHT ggf (Soliman de HUS/EM Rhapsody/Rascalino)

Licensed for Breeding

August 15, 2013: Sternlicht ggf was seen at Hilltop Farm August 15th by Judges: Christian Schacht, Ekkehard Brysch, & Dieter Felgendreher. He was Licensed and will stand at Hilltop Farm in 2014.


USDF Breeder of the Year Awards

 USDF Sporthorse Breeding Awards

USDF Breeder of the Year awards

Greengate Farm Competes on the USDF Sporthorse Circuit and has won many Awards including: National USEF 2004 Sporthorse Breeder of the Year & National USDF 2006 & 2009 Dressage Riding Horse Reserve Champion Breeder of the Year.
2012: As of September 15th, Greengate Farm/Rachel Ehrlich is currently #1 Dressage Sporthorse Breeder in the USA. Showing: 2 year old Stallion candidate, STERNLICHT ggf (Soliman de Hus/EM Rhapsody ggf) and SHALIMAR ggf (Schroeder/SPS Walkuere) May we be lucky and blessed enough to keep our title as the year ends. It will be tough, because the other breeders are showing farm more horses at a larger number of shows, but remember “Quality not Quantitly” counts at Greengate. We are Honored that we could be raised to such a high level by our TWO BEAUTIFUL YOUNGSTERS!!! SHELL & ZIGGI.
MOST OF ALL: We Thank Everyone who has helped us to this sucess in 2012. Warren & Rachel




Absolves MPT and captures 1-A Prize

RENDEZVOUS ggf: by Rascalino o/o SPS Weser Melodie, absolved her German MPT and went on to win the prestigious 1-A prize at Bruchausen Vilsen. With this acheivement she earns the S.P.A. title and becomes eligible to acheive States Premium status with the birth of he first foal. She is in foal to Dressage Producer DON FREDERICO for a 2012 offspring.
SPS RENDEZVOUS is out of the Dam: SPS Weser Melodie, and is the 8th generation of SPS mares from this Dam line bred by Hof Brueining. EM RHAPSODY ggf, is her full sister.

UPDATE: JUNE 15, 2012, RENDEZVOUS ggf, gave birth to a special black filly, DANKIA ggf! She will stay in Germany to be bred to DeNiro in 2013, hoping for a special foal, for one of our special friends :-) Pictured: DANIKA ggf!


DANIKA ggf: by: Don Frederico


BF Braveheart ( Werbellin x ES Frita )

08werbsbraveheartpat.jpgJust an update on BF Braveheart ( Werbellin x ES Frita )
Conn River Arabian Spring Derby
Ann Gregoire
Training Level Test 1… 66%
Training Level Test 2… 71%

Hudson Valley Horse Show
Pat Jacobson
Training Level Test 2… 65%

Renate Lansburgh
Training Level Test 4… 67.6%

He will be showing First level this year and schooling 2nd by the end of the year


Results News Test Post

Results News Test Post