DIVA MODENA: by Donarweiss

3 Year Old


DIVA Modena


I have attached a photo of Mias foal from DW. It’s a filly! Probably going to be black. 2 partial stockings (LH,LF) large star. Thought you would like to see how DW did. She has an elegant head, fairly refined with a great expression .Uphill, good topline. Very light on her feet with lots of reach. Athletic and long legged. Definitely dressage type. She has been very strong from the start.

Thanks again for sticking with us till the last breeding. She has quite the personality and very intelligent, and a good mover too ! I think she will be easy to train and be with. I do like her. I have her halter on and leading back and forth from pasture already. She is so willing to come along and try.

Carrie Vacolas

2012 UPDATE: DIVA MODENA: Has gone on to win many USDF titles in hand including, Champion& Reserves, she is now undersaddle at HILLTOP FARM and doing very nicely. Look for her out undersaddle next year!

Werbellin is a gentleman – Rachel wonderful to deal with

Werbellin is definitely quite a gentleman! I have met him numerous times and I am always amazed at his temperament. Also, Rachel is a wonderful stallion owner to deal with. I have a Werbellin foal due any day now and I can’t wait!!!

Linda M.

UPDATE: WOOMERA o/o Shining Star was born to Linda Mendenhall, Now Hof Mendenhall, and the rest is History………and has become a Legacy of another fine Hanoverian Breeding Operation in New England. Hof Mendenhall breeds some of the finest international bloodlines today with a solid German mare base, from the Time Honored family of Hof Bruening. The operation is bringing to riders another option for purchasing TOP Riding Horse Prosepects, here in the USA.
Greengate is proud to have served Linda on her quest from the first breeding/foaling experiences with her mares, to the purchase of Day Dream and introduction to Family Bruening and others. HATS OFF!!!!! to a JOB WELL DONE along the path of Hanoverian Breeding :-)

Rachel and Werbellin deserve a pat on the back

I just had to give Rachel and Werbellin a pat on the back. The lady I work for has a 2 yr old filly by him. This is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest horse. She wants nothing more than to please and be with people. She will leave her food to come over for attention. She is quite interested in learning about her world and what is expected of her.

Along with this wonderful attitude is movement that we are all hoping for. She is so supple and relaxed in her movement, I can’t wait until she is under saddle.

If this is typical of his foals, which I understand it is, he is quite a gentlemen.


Margo Smith, Atlanta, GA

Last year, I saw a handsome Werbellin foal out of a Hanoverian-approved Thoroughbred mare. He was a frozen semen foal. I liked him so much I decided to go that route myself.

It was really a breeze. I arranged with Green Gate Stud for the frozen semen. I called Connie at Select Breeders to set up my account and then, when my vet, Scott Hansen, said it was getting to be close to insemination time, we ordered the shipment from Select Breeders and it arrived in the tank and stayed at our barn until exactly the right moment for insemination.

Mary Pawlak, the owner of the mare station where I had my mare to be bred, told me the quality of the semen was just excellent. The vet inseminated my mare and she took immediately. I had no idea that a frozen insemination could be so easy and so effective. The proof is in the pudding. I have a gorgeous bay colt born May 29th of this year. We are just as pleased as can be with this baby and I am considering breeding again to Werbellin via the frozen. It is inexpensive, easy, and what can I say? I am thrilled with our new pride and joy!

D’Armani (by Donarweiss)

I wanted to share this photo of D’Armani. He is by Donarweiss GGF and out of an imported Welsh Section A dam. He is registered with RPSI.

Vicki Felcan


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