world cup I

World Cup I sire Woermann produced leading young stallions and the later performance winners World Cup I and Wenzel I, in his first 2 years of breeding. After this 26 further certified stallions followed along with 42 State Premium mares (including DLG Reserve Champion Mare, Worena) and a great number of good dressage horses giving him 1990 14th place in FN statistics for Dressage winnings. The combination of Woermann and Sendernixe was without doubt a winning nick. All of the first four colts were certified and successful at the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf. World Cup I, II and II have become state owned stallions and World Cup 1V was sent to Canada.

This rare breeding success is well founded as the Sire of Sendernixe, Sender, presented 24 certified stallions, among them the DLG stallion Soldner and the very good sire of show jumpers, Saloniki, as well as 27 States Premium mares (including four DLG show mares); in competition his off-spring won a good 886,000 DM as of 1989, mostly in jumping.

World Cup I was the stallion performance test winner and the best stallion of is year. At DLG exhibitions he represented his breeding area- 1984 Frankfurt, 1986 Hanover , each time with success as Reserve Champion.

World Cup I breeding record shows in 1986 his daughter Walencia became DLG Champion mare at Hanover. Of his 16 Stallion Certified sons, five were taken by the State Stud: Walt Disney, Warkant, Weltmeyer, Wogenspieler, and Woodstock. The certification winner Weltmeyer has since been named “Hanoverian Stallion of the Century”. As a 3 year old in 1987 at the German Championships for Riding Horses he was chosen as Champion and in 1989 as DLG Champion in Frankfurt. Walt Disney also placed high at the German Riding Horse Championships in Mannahaim in 1989.