Archipel by Argentan – Wicht – Schutzherr (details)

  • breed:Hanoverian
  • gender:approved stallion
  • born: 1985
  • height:16.2
  • color: darkbay
  • temperament: rather spirited
  • location: Sweden
  • Archipel has served at Celle States Stud and was entitled winner of a bronze medal of the German agricultural society. He is known as a producer of outstanding types with confirmed brillant basic gaits but also has a strong repuation to be spooky. Therefor we have chosen only well tempered mares for him and as a result all our Archipel offspring has been fun to work with. Archipel sold to Sweden as a sire in 1997.

    He finished stallion performance test in 1987 at Adelheidsdorf ranking 5th out of 38 (5th in the dressage department, 8th in jumping)

    As of 2001 season there are 8 children sired by him who have won 1,000 DM and up within one year out of a total of 77 offspring who have been successful competing in the past season. Those are mostly in the dressage arena resulting in an FN dressage index of 120 although there is also one S-level jumper among them (Azzaro 16 born in 1991). Other prominent Archipel offspring are Arentino, Acciaccatura, Alexis D, Azeem, Astor (all dressage), Acajou, Alegra, and Archy 7 (all show jumpers). Thus he can count as a performance sire. There is also a son of his approved Ammersee who was born in 1990.

    According to 2001 Hanoverian Stallion Yearbook Archipel has sired 24 States premium mares out of 131 registered broodmares and scored 135 for improvement of type and riding horse points, 120 for improvement of limbs and 121 for improvement of dressage ability (split into 138 on trot, 126 on canter, 105 on walk and 100 on rideability)