Born 1960 166 cm

Absatz was the champion stallion of the 1962 Verden licensing. The Trakehner stallion, Abglanz’s influence in Hannover, was most felt through his son Absatz who was out of the Hannoverian mare, Landmoor who on her sire’s side traces to the famous English Thoroughbred, Perfectionist xx, and on her dam’s side from the Shagya stallion Shagy XVII. Absatz was the sire of stallions such as Argentan, Arsenik, Akzent I and II, Admiral I and II, Aktuell and Aderlaß. All told Absatz sired 40 Approved sons, 605 competition horses and 142 Verden auction horses. Thanks to the magic of frozen semen, he continued to sire foals long after his death, and it is rumoured that a vintage cache of Absatz semen is still ‘cellared’ at Celle. Absatz’s modern influence is perhaps most strongly felt through Weltmeyer who is out of Anka by Absatz. Absatz produced 84 States Premium mares and has 823 total registered offspring in Hanover, 446 of which are approved mares in the studbook. Equally impressive are his 348 registered competition offspring whose earnings are 943,787.00 DM.


  • Born 1942, 164 cm. Breeder – Hauptgestüt Trakehnen
  • From 1946-49 stood at Handorf, 1950-60 at Hechthausen, 1964 at Hunnesrück
  • March 1964, put down

The chestnut Abglanz was perhaps the most influential stallion of modern times in the Hannoverian breeding district, and his infusion of Trakehner lightness and ‘blood’ can be clearly seen in today’s modern Hannoverian horse.

Although the lightly framed Trakehner was not initially welcomed in an era when agricultural horses were in great demand. Abglanz was royally bred, his dam, Abendluft was a full-sister to the influential stallions, Absinth, Absalon and Abendstern.

At the stallion station at Jork, he produced three famous brothers – Abhang I, II and III, as well as their full sister, Zukunft who competed with success internationally with Alwin Schockemöhle. Just 160 cm, Abhang I produced elegant horses but without great performance success. Abhang II, at 157 cm, was the smallest of the three brothers, but produced great dressage horses, with charm and movement. Abhang III, the tallest of the three, sired mainly showjumpers. All told Abglanz sired 19 Approved sons, with progeny earnings of over DM324,000.

Abglanz and his progeny are credited with bringing about great improvement in the head and neck of the Hanoverian horses.As Abglanz spent his entire breeding career in Celle serving the Hannoverian brood mare population, his influence in the Trakehner studbook was limited, and he produced only nine registered Trakehner daughters and three Trakehner sons, Kassio, Morgenglanz and Valentin. Kassio produced the mother of the stallion, Kassiber, who was such a success in Australia as a sire of dressage horses.