Pedigree Information: Mother (Dam) of Werbellin

Bred and Raised by: Walter Klomp, Wilsum Germany

Werbellins dam SPS. Lady Laurin is enrolled in the Prestigious Hanoverian GermanJumper Breeding Program. Her MPT was overall 7.61 with 2-scores of 9,9 for the jumping. The Grand-Dam had 3 daughters whose average scores in the free jumping were 8,9, & 9.5. SPS Lady Laurin is a successful mare to the I-A prize for multiple shows and has offspring with multiple winnings for best foal, best mare of show, and nomination to the Verden Championships. Her 1997 Fabriano colt is also a stallion candidate. Horses from the same motherline #33 have many stallions offspring including Sao Paulo v.Sandro & Askan v.Archimedes. And successful Sporthorses such as SATCHMO (Isabell Werth), Olympic Askan v. Almhugel 111 and highly decorated DLG champion Weltdame v.Werther, and European Champion Wertvollev.Weltmeyer. Both the Dam sires Legat and Grand-Sire Lanthan stand for the State Stud at Celle. Read more about Legat and Lathan in their pedigree information.

SLP: Performance Testing, 7.61 overall Jumping: Technique: 9.00, Scope: 9:00

  • 1992 Mare show: 1-A Prize
  • 1993 Mare show: 1-A Prize, confirmed, States Premium Mare candidate
  • 1993 County Animal Show: Meppen, 1-A Mare Prize
  • 1994 Stallion Candidate: WERBELLIN by Weltmeyer, born
    Keured, Celle State Stud, Lot#1, 4th o/o 41 Adelheidsdorf test
  • 1995 Mare show: 1-A Prize
  • 1995: Wanderbursch II filly born & sold in German, for SPS prospect, as a 3yr old this filly won her regional mare class, and was “Best Mare of Show”
  • 1996 Wanderbursch filly born 1996: this filly wins “Best Foal” of Isterberg Show & Ankum show, competiton mare successful in sports
  • 1997 Fabriano colt born, graded Stallion Candidate, sold to stallion rearing station
  • 1998 Fabriano filly born 1998: filly “Best Foal” of Isterberg Show, Nominated to “Foal
  • 1999 Rotspon Colt, born 7-4-2000

Offspring News


SPS Wanderfee: completes 3year riding Prufung with excellent result. She is marked an “overall 8″ on her approval, and “8.57 end result” in MPT.

SPS Wanderfee: is CHAMPION MARE of the Prufing with 9 character, 8.5 gaits, 9 rideability, 8.00

SPS Wanderfee: wins “Best Mare of the Show: in 1998 Gottingen, and the 1-A prize again at Gottingen in June, 2000.

SPS Wanderfee: gives first foal filly by Rotspon, 2nd foal colt by Rubirando, stallion,
3rd foal Filly By Don Vino, Wins Sustedt, Best Foal of the Day 2003.

In all we see a well-rounded possibility for athleticism, temperament, and performance. As we find more facts on our trips to Germany we will continue to present them to you here. Also in the United State we look for the nice riding horses for you to view. Just now we are given some great footage of Le Pero who is training his upper level movements .