2013: DANCIER & HOTLINE: Dr.Christman Notes: FN toplist values for SIRES

Dr Christmann also notes with a degree of relief that two of the heavily promoted stallions of recent years – Dancier and Hotline seem to be fulfilling their promise:

“Celle’s state stud sire Dancier was able to place in the top ten with a breed value of 162 in his first attempt. He created a good starting point with an outstanding performance test. The performance test results of fifteen daughters were entered into the integrated breed value estimation while the evaluations of twenty-six young horses (including auction pre-selection scores) were used to determine the association’s breed value estimation. The next two years will tell what his fate will be.”

“In the beginning Hotline pursued a career similar to Dancier’s one: first licensing champion in Verden, then performance test champion and heavy use as a breeding stallion at the station Schockemöhle and at the Danish breeding farm Blue Hors. Then after the first foal vintages things went quiet. He became more and more popular again once his first descendants were under saddle and showed off their ability. His sons and daughters reveal excellent riding horse attributes that explain his high breed value and which places him in the top one percent in the breed value estimation of the FN.”

The FN top 1% Dressage Stallion Values confirms the dominance of Donnerhall, with 15 of the 44 stallions from his line. There are four stallions with four representatives each: Rubinstein, Weltmeyer, Sandro Hit and Florestan. The newly re-awakened ‘B’ line of Bolero, has two representatives, but both of them – Breitling W and Belissimo M – are in the top ten. The steady return of Trakehner blood to competition ranks, and the breeders’ favour, continues with five Trakehner stallions making the cut: Münchhausen and Insterburg, and their sire Hohenstein, Hofrat and his Hanoverian son, Hotline, and the Latimer son, Hibiskus.

The new openness of German breeding is reflected by the fact that the Dutch sire (and WBFSH No 1) Jazz, features in 14th spot.

This openness is further reflected in the latest Hanoverian standings, where top dressage spot goes to the Belgian born, Dutch owned and ridden, Florencio, who is Westfalien branded, and solidly German bred: by Florestan out of a Weltmeyer/Pik Bube II mare. Florencio had a spectacular Young Dressage Horse career, with two world titles, and while he has been somewhat pre-occupied with his breeding career, he is still in work with Hans-Peter Minderhoud, and headed for a Grand Prix start.

World Champion Young horse, but is he a world champion sire? Florencio

Florencio with a breeding index of 158 (and an accuracy of 91%) is ten points clear of the equal second placed stallions, Belissimo M (also 91%) and Hohenstein (97%) on 148. That’s three private stallions at the top of the Hanoverian list. The days when the stallions at the State Stud Celle dominated, and private stallions were an outlandish Oldenburg fashion, are well over.

The highest ranked Celle stallion is Don Frederico in 4th on 147. Despite the former Celle director, Dr Bade’s initial unwillingness to recognize the worth of Donnerhall – Oldenburg’s great rival to Bade’s beloved Weltmeyer – we can see today on the Hanoverian standings just how completely Donnerhall has conquered the Hanoverian dressage breeding scene. Of the 43 stallions on the ‘Topliste Dressur’, 13 are from the D line, almost double the Weltmeyer descendants who total seven.

Weltmeyer himself comes in at number 5, with his best ranked son, Weltregent H at 7. Weltregent is an example of wonderful niche marketing, he stands at the Baumgart family’s Schwartze Hof stud, where he is only available through live cover – one of the very few, if not the only, private stallion stations in Germany to follow this time honored practice…

There are five new faces in the Topliste this year – Hotline (Hofrat / De Niro – this must be a relief to the 800 or so mare owners who are reputed to have bred to the stallion in his first year, because the foals on first report were looking a little, er… plain), Desperados (De Niro / Wolkenstein II), Locksley II (Londonderry / Weltmeyer), Dancier (De Niro / Lancier) and Breitling W (Bismark / Maat I).

The Hanoverian Yearbook also publishes a Topliste for type, and every year since the Yearbook was first published in 1999, these standings have been headed by the Trakehner stallion, Caprimond (Karon / Mackensen) – and so it is once again in the 2011 edition, and once again, Caprimond wins by a considerable margin, with a breeding value of 173, with the second placegetter, Wolkentanz II (Weltmeyer / Ludendorff) on 161.


2014: SPS RENDEZVOUS ggf: in foal to DANCIER

SPS RENDEZVOUS ggf (Rascalino/SPS Weser Melodie/Wesley) SPS RENDEZVOUS x DANCIER: SPS Rendezvous is in foal to DANCIER for 2014, this is the same sire that gave us DONEGAL ggf. We could not be more pleased and are excited at the prospect of what this foal will bring. In Utero colt option available. Hold on filly.


July 11 2013: EM RHAPSODY ggf: Black Hanoverian Colt, DonarSong ggf

EM Rhapsody ggf x Donarweiss ggf:
CLICK Here for Extended Pedigree of Sire & Dam, including tail lines, Photos, Video

2013 Black Colt, For Sale. Will be registered Hanoverian. contact for details: rachel@greengatestud.com


2013: EM WINNING WINZIG: Brown Colt, DAVENEY ggf

2013: EM WINNIE WINZIG: In Utero Foal Sale

EM Winnie Winzig x Don Principe: CLICK Here for Extended Pedigree of Sire & Dam, including tail lines, Photos, Video

2013 : Brown, Star/snip, 4 small white socks, COLT, will be registered Hanoverian, 12K, contact for details:

DON PRINCIPE: Career Highlights
2012/13: Hilltop Farm, showing under Michael Bragdell, I-2/GP.
2011: USEF Sire Rankings ~ Reserve Champion Dressage Breeding
2011: USDF All-Breeds Awards ~ AHS 2nd Grand Prix
2011: USDF All-Breeds Awards ~ AHS 2nd Grand Prix Freestyle
2011: USDF Horse of the Year ~ 25th Grand Prix
2011: USDF Horse of the Year ~ 10th Grand Prix Freestyle
2010: USEF Sire Rankings ~ Reserve Champion Dressage Breeding
2010: USDF All-Breeds Awards ~ AHS 13th Prix St. Georges
2010: USDF All-Breeds Awards ~ AHS 11th Intermediaire I
2010: Competed at the USEF Intermediaire I National Championships
2010: USDF Region 8 Champion Intermediaire I
2010: USDF Region 8 Reserve Champion Intermediaire II
2008: Champion BLM Finals ~ Intermediaire I
2008: Champion BLM Finals ~ Intermediaire I Freestyle
2008: Champion BLM Finals ~ Intermediaire II



OUR PARTNERS IN GERMANY: Hof Bruening & Fohlenhof Bruening: Leading you in a positive learning & buying experience in Germany. Give us a call or email, to discuss your dreams.
rachel@greengatestud.com cell: 508-729-0706


SELECT BREEDERS SERVICE: our International Experts, Frozen Semen


Greengate Farm has worked with Select Breeders Service for many years. Select has collected our stallions; Werbellin, Donarweiss ggf, and Cadbury ggf……at Hilltop Farm for fresh semen customers and collected/tested/processed our Frozen Semen. All Frozen Semen is currently stored and shipped via Select Breeders Service in Chester, Maryland.


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The Covenant

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January - Dec 2015

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Winter Training: Cindi Rose Wylie, Rosebrook Farm, Georgetown, Mass.
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May: Training Horses Home Farm, Shows Begin
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December 2-5, USDF Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada
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SHALIMAR ggf: Grand Champion of Show

SHALIMAR ggf: USDF Grand Champion,Windswept

SHALIMAR ggf: (Schroeder/SPS Walkuere/Wolkenstein II), won her 3yo fillies class, Filly Championship, Young Horse Champion and was Grand Champion of Show……….at Brookside EQ II, USDF Sporthorse Show. Thanks to Bobby Murray and Jennette Knight for the expert handling and Robin Dupuis for getting Shelli ready and doing all her warm ups. Coulnt have done it without you :-)

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