BF Braveheart ( Werbellin x ES Frita )

08werbsbraveheartpat.jpgJust an update on BF Braveheart ( Werbellin x ES Frita )
Conn River Arabian Spring Derby
Ann Gregoire
Training Level Test 1… 66%
Training Level Test 2… 71%

Hudson Valley Horse Show
Pat Jacobson
Training Level Test 2… 65%

Renate Lansburgh
Training Level Test 4… 67.6%

He will be showing First level this year and schooling 2nd by the end of the year


CADBURY ggf has a new son CALGARY BOUND

Calgary Bound
CADBURY ggf has a new son CALGARY BOUND. He was bred by Joan Golden, Grafton, Mass and is out of Derby Ridge xx. Joan reports that Calgary is athletic, friendly and a strong colt from day 1. Dr.Kris Koss provided reproductive services for Joan. Congratulations to all!! We cant wait to see Calgary Bound at the Hunter Breeding shows on the line.


Faye Dunn and Santiago ggf made their 3rd level debut

Faye Dunn and Santiago ggf made their 3rd level debut in the double at NEDA Spring, their first 2008 competition. Faye has show she has what it takes to work with young horses from the start, developing them properly and giving them positive experiences in the show ring. She has taken Santiago ggf from a weanling in-hand, to training with Chris Hickey to move into the double and up through the ranks. The pair made their debute at 3rd level, 2/3, placing 2nd and 3rd in the Amateur Adult Division, top score 63.333%.
CONGRATULATIONS: McKENNA MURPHY: on the purchase of SANTIAGO ggf as your Dressage Partner to move up in the levels.


Ron Barrows

05SalesArielleUS.jpgRon Barrows began his involvement with warmblood breeding when he purchased Arielle who is a direct daughter of Abdullah. Arielle has given Ron 2 Gold Premium fillies, Wictoria and Wregal Diamond, both by Werbellin. Wictoria has gone on to show successfully in hunter breeding competition Wregal Diamond is successful in Dressage with a client from Freeport Equestrian Center.
WREGAL DIAMOND was sold to noted USDF Sporthorse Handler/trainer, Bobby Murray and his partner Sara Watson. Keep your eyes out for SARA in the show ring with WREGAL DIAMOND in 2013.


Stillwaters Farm

Stillwaters Farm, purchased “Step by Step” Sandro Hit/Davignon./Werther, in foal to Hotline. A beautiful filly was born in March 2008. Hans Heinrich Brueing says “Hocus Pokas” is the best Hotline foal he has seen so far. Congrats to all.



Select Breeders ServiceGreengate Farms stallions are EVA negative and Vaccinated anually. Their Semen is evaluated by Select Breeders Service and tested in available extenders for best breeding results for both Fresh and Frozen Semen.

Carefully collected, processed, and packaged semen is shipped to you in Equitainers for the best viability. See:
for more information.


STALLION COLLECTION TEAM/University of Massachusetts, Amherst

werbcollecteamweb.jpgDr.C.Gradil,DVM,PHD,Theriogenlogist is in charge of the Equine Reproduction program at UMASS. He and his team provide top collection/processing/shipping services for WERBELLIN, DONARWEISS, & CADBURY, the Greengate Farm Stallions. The team also runs an assisted reproduction clinic for A.I by fresh & frozen, and Embryo Transfer Services.

Donarweiss and Werbellin Frozen Semen is stored and distributed by Select Breeders Service, Colora, MD.


the BOYS

Werbellin and ChrisGiving the possibilites for combinations of Genetics for proven success with an eye to the future of sport. Join us, as we connect the past to the present, through our program of success.
pictured: Our Senior Stallion, Werbellin with is rider/trainer and friend, Christopher Hickey/Dressage Associates.


Connections……..the new to the old

faushouse_1.jpg……Then there are our friends in Germany, who offer the opportunity to learn, explore, and find the best bloodlines the world has to offer in our breed in their own backyard.


Lovingly Handled from Birth

lorihans.jpgFoals are lovingly handled from the time we birth them, to when they leave our home. A daily program with their mares and through weaning is geared to introduce the experiences they will need to make them confident and trusting in human hands for future training and riding experiences. We start young, with their dam’s help, to make a winning situation for all. The inspections and USDF Breeders Series shows are just a part of getting them acclimated to the “human world” they will need to survive in as mature horses.

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